Friday, September 5, 2014


Klikalu, iPad App, Collaborative Tool, Geocaching

Klikaklu is a photo hunt game that uses the iPad's GPS, camera, and advanced image matching technology. It's a great way to quickly create and play treasure hunts!

Share hunts and lead people to new and interesting spots. Reveal secrets and rewards when they crack your clues.

No geocaching boxes or QR codes are necessary, so you can create hunts any place you want to add an element of challenge or mystery.

It's great for:
Families - get outside, spice up parties, make boring places adventures!
Teaching - engage your students with hands-on explorations.
Gatherings - Bring them alive with a fun interactive activity.
Groups - host a group hike, bar crawl, or explore your city with friends and family.
Orientations - show your environment to newcomers in an engaging way.
Team Building - Unite your team with a fun group activity.

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